January 14, 2019

Looking Forward – August 2019

You hear a lot about cold season and flu seasons. But you don't hear anything about a "season" for a disease that can be a serious threat to the lives of seniors.


Amy W.

The support team at Cornerstone makes it easy to do our job. We’re able to focus on the clients and growing our business because we know that they have the rest handled. It’s a joy to work with these professionals.

Megan G.

Being in the insurance business for 9 years, the last year has been the best! I have found my home with Cornerstone. Having access to so many products, I always have a solution for my clients in order to put them in the best situation. The back office support is top notch. I'm very excited to see how big I can grow my business with Cornerstone!

Norman M.

To me it has been a great opportunity to work with Cornerstone Senior Services. This past year the president of the company, Roger Smith, flew to Asheville and invited me to dinner. During the dinner he personally thanked me for the work I was putting in and asked me what HE and THE COMPANY could do to make me more successful. I asked for help with getting leads; I got them. I asked for help advertising on the radio, I got it. I asked if they would help me get contracted with a dental and vision company, I got the contract ... I have never seen a company who wants you to succeed as I have with Cornerstone. Thank you!!

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