CORNERSTONE is a neighborhood

A business decision, lifestyle choice

Cornerstone knows that being a hero at work pales in comparison to being a hero at home. That’s why our leadership team has created a culture that fosters personal, professional, and financial growth. At Cornerstone, it is always family first.

For example, Cornerstone agents enjoy scheduling independence, a benefit unique to the insurance industry. It allows our agents the flexibility to drop off kids at school, to see that holiday play or to cheer on their soccer stars … and not miss one client appointment.

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Our agents also enjoy business independence.

They have access to the complete range of GTL products as well as those offered by many of the industry’s leading insurance carriers. And they operate with the full infrastructure support and financial strength of GTL, ensuring continued growth opportunities and long-term career security.

Plus, Cornerstone will always recognize and reward your performance. It’s why our agent-friendly commission structure generates earnings based on individual and company sales success. And why we’re always assessing the hunger, habits and methodology of our most effective agents, to provide leadership opportunities when they emerge. Cornerstone’s vision for long-term success is dependent upon our ability to develop skilled, strong leaders from within the company.

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