Our Leadership

Roger K. Smith | President, Cornerstone Senior Services

Roger brings to this position over 30 years of experience, compassion, and boundless energy. He has spent his entire career building organizations dedicated to serving the often under-served Senior Market.

Roger’s experience is vast — he has expertise in Medicare, Retirement Planning, Health and Life insurance, Long-Term Care insurance in addition to building distribution and agent development.

He’s a results-driven leader and executive. He works every day to make a positive impact on as many people as possible and to bring value, growth, and collaboration to the organization he heads. Accountability is vital to him, as is high performance and swift, accurate communications.

Roger has succeeded in every position he has held. That history will no doubt continue in his leading role at Cornerstone Senior Services.

Patrick Poynter | National Training Director

Patrick is a recent addition to the Cornerstone family, but a seasoned and successful veteran of the industry.  Patrick was number 6 in total production for Cigna supplemental benefits his previous year before joining Cornerstone.  He has recruited many of our successful agents, and currently works as the National Training Director with responsibilities that include: sales training & certification of mid-level managers, recruiting training and accountability to managing directors and ongoing assistance to the entire company on our core products.

Patrick has been married to his wife Beth since 2012 and is a father to one child, Hadley.  He lives in the south-central region of KY, but travels extensively for the company.  He spends his leisure time playing golf, hunting, and fishing.

Dave Ermlick | Director of Investments & Financial Planning

Dave Ermlick, our director of investments and Financial Planning, brings more than 20 years’ experience in financial services to his responsibilities at Cornerstone. A specialist in retirement and estate planning, Dave focuses on helping Federal Employees understand their benefits and plan for a comfortable retirement. He’s based at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. He leads workshops and seminars and does private consultations with FERS and CSRS employees.

Dave has found the best way to fully understand his Cornerstone clients’ needs: always listen to them.  He says many people don’t really know how they want to approach retirement. “I listen and suggest the right products for them,” he explains. An investment advisory representative and securities registered principal, Dave is certified by the American College as a special needs planner and by the Corporation for Long Term Care. Dave is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, and lives in Centreville, VA, with his wife, Annie, their two children.