Life Insurance


At one time or another, no matter what your age, we all wonder what will happen to our loved ones when we’re gone. Loss of a loved one can bring financial and emotional distress to those who are left behind — reports say the cost of a funeral and burial can be around $10,000 or more. Including a life insurance policy among your assets can help make sure your spouse or other loved ones will be okay no matter what.

If you don’t have life insurance or your current policy is old and needs to be updated, now is he time to talk to one of our advisers. Life insurance rates have actually come down as people are living longer. Let’s review your plan options and determine if you qualify for a better rate. We have numerous providers and plans to suit your needs. Please don’t wait. A quick review of your current policy could save you a lot of money. If you wait, your health could change and you may no longer qualify for the type of plan you want.


 If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may need life insurance.

1.  If I died today, would my family suffer financially?
2.  Would my family struggle to pay my final expenses?
3.  Do loved ones depend on me for rent/mortgage, food and more?
4.  Could my spouse alone provide for our children?

5.  Do I own a business and want my family to receive my share?
6.  If I’m single, do I have a large amount of debt that I could pass on?
7.  Has my income, assets or number of beneficiaries changed since I bought my current policy?

Life insurance gives those you care about a lump sum cash benefit upon your death. The proceeds are payable income tax free, directly to your beneficiary.  Your Cornerstone Adviser can help you choose the type and amount of coverage that best fits your needs. It’s the simple, affordable solution to high final costs, both financial and emotional. Learn about the different types of life insurance:

Final Expense

Final Expense Coverage offers real peace of mind with a specific purpose — to pay the expenses associated with passing away such as funerals, travel for loved ones, unpaid bills and taxes. Learn more…

Whole Life

Whole life insurance offers guaranteed- for-life premiums, death benefits, and cash value that you can borrow against. Policies can pay dividends that increase the value of your protection. Learn more…

Universal Life

Flexibility makes this  insurance unique. It’s coverage for life that builds cash values and can be used to supplement retirement income, pay for college or maximize what you pass onto the next generation. Learn more…

Term Life

If you are looking for the simplest and least expensive life insurance, Term Life may be the way to go. It can give you and your family significant benefits at the lowest premiums. It doesn’t give you bells and whistles —  it is “no frills” coverage for a set period of time that pays benefits upon your passing. Learn more…

Single Premium

Single Premium Life policies can result in faster growth than you may have ever thought possible! You receive coverage in exchange for just one premium payment. The policy is fully paid with no further premiums required and more cash value than with an installment plan. Learn more…

Living Benefits

Many plans provide living benefits. If you have a terminal illness or are permanently confined to a nursing home, you can receive up to 97% of the policy’s death benefit. The money is yours to spend –the rest is paid to your beneficiary. In states where available, living benefits can be included in your coverage at no cost to you.

Protect your loved ones — we’ll help you find the right solution at the best rate.