Employer Plans


A majority of Americans still get their health insurance at work. Providing quality, affordable benefits is a win-win for your employees and your business.  Your employees get vital protection; you generate employee loyalty and have an advantage in an increasingly competitive hiring market.

However, there are complications. Many small businesses are finding it cost-prohibitive to offer employee health insurance and other benefits. You can do it and we can help. You can offer quality benefits to your employees that are affordable for them and you. Some new plans are more consumer directed. Some include more employee cost-sharing. We’re ready to explain the details and show you the advantages for your firm.

“I currently offer health benefits to my employees.”

That’s great! There are recently-developed plans that can provide the same great benefits your employees are used to with welcomed savings for your business. Let a Cornerstone Advisor help you review your current plan and help determine any cost savings. Get in touch…

“I currently do not offer health benefits to my employees. It’s too expensive.”

There are alternatives to high-ticket group insurance that provide great benefits to your employees that can fit within the budget of most any company. A Cornerstone agent can help you find a plan that will cover your employees without breaking your budget. Get in touch…

Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to a Cornerstone agent — that’s the best way to begin. Providing great benefits does not need to be expensive. Our experts can provide quality plans to meet every budget and that have key advantages that will help you:

  • Attract and retain top-level, highly qualified employees
  • Gain key tax deductions
  • Improve the wellness of your employees
  • Maintain an advantage over competitors when recruiting


Group health insurance premiums are expected to continue rising much more than wages. If you have less than 50 full time employees, you are not required to offer health coverage. On the other hand, under the Affordable Care Act, your employees are all required to have health coverage or face penalties.


Our innovative software platform can help, allowing you to offer your employees individual plans they can purchase through your own private marketplace.


Employees can purchase individual plans and pay premiums through a payroll deduction. Employers have the option to contribute funds to the plan, and employees use those funds to purchase supplemental coverage such as dental, accident, and critical illness.


Health Savings Account options are also available that provide even more tax benefits to the business and its employees.

It’s exciting. It’s scary. Retiring employees face a drastic transition as they move out of the workforce into a new world of increased freedom and possibility. Sure, It’s a stressful and uncertain time for them, especially when it comes to choosing the right healthcare. For most retirees, their insurance needs have always been selected and provided for them by their employers. Now they face a maze of Medicare choices, and it’s up to them to make these decisions for themselves.


We can help you and your employees understand what Medicare is all about by offering free consultations to your retiring employees. This is another value added benefit to offer employees. It can reduce the strain on Human Resources (HR) staff who may not have the time or expertise to answer Medicare questions. Your employees now have access to a local, trained, licensed and certified agent who has the expertise and resources to help them understand their Medicare choices.


With “Ups and Downs” in the economy, continually rising healthcare costs and healthcare reform, many companies and employees are searching for the best solutions for retiree health benefits. Most employees have always had their healthcare options provided by their employers. They’re not ready to make these difficult decisions on their own, having always looked to their employers for advice. Today that’s advice that many HR departments really can’t give.


How Cornerstone can help your retiring employees and company:

You can provide a no-cost, value-added addition to your employee benefits by partnering with Cornerstone to assist your retirement employees. One of our local, licensed agents can assist your HR department and employees through this complex transition. Agent consultations are always provided at “no charge” to you or your employees. Our agents have the expertise and resources to help employees understand their Medicare choices.



Our Smooth Transitions Program: Maximum Flexibility

The Smooth Transitions Program offers three distinct components that can be used alone or all together to assist you and your retiring employees. Choose the components and formats that best match your company’s culture and needs.


Component 1: On-site Private Insurance and Medicare Resource

Informal: Our proven-effective formats include an informal question and answer session. A Cornerstone Adviser is available in a lunchroom, conference room, or other setting to answer questions informally, one-on-one, for a set period of time

Formal: Our Consultant schedules a more formal “lunch-and-learn” or another presentation format. Your employees/retirees attend a group presentation followed by Q & A session.


Component 2: HR Support Materials

We can provide informational materials for your HR staff to hand out to employees and retirees in response to Private Insurance and Medicare inquiries. With our HR Support Materials, your employees get answers, and your HR staff gains some time!


Component 3: Large Group Transition Support

What if a large number of your employees are moving off a group plan? We will develop a custom strategy to help them move to appropriate individual insurance products in an organized process that meets their needs and your goals. Our transition service is especially valuable when a large portion of your workforce retires, retiree coverage has been terminated or employer-provided insurance has been terminated.