Why Join Cornerstone?

A career at Cornerstone is rewarding not only financially, but emotionally, as well. We help people by providing a valuable service that gives them peace of mind and secures their futures. Cornerstone advisers are advocates for our clients.

We are looking for advisers who are self-motivated, enthusiastic, professional, and passionate about helping people.   If this describes you, we invite you to learn more about building a solid and rewarding career with Cornerstone. Watch our advisers to see how others, like you, have secured their future and benefited from Cornerstone.

Financial Opportunity

We get our advisers in front of more people to make more sales. This means  a greater financial opportunity for you. We offer you to the tools you need to meet more leads and make more sales.

You're the boss

You control your own business and career.  We show you our proven system to lead to the success you desire. Set your goals and we’ll give you the tools you need to achieve them.

All about growth

We are all about growth — for our clients, our company and you! Personally and professionally we want our advisers to grow. Take advantage of the training we offer and watch your business succeed.

Fun included

We have tons of fun. Every year, our top advisers  enjoy an all-expense paid trip for themselves and a guest during our Annual Covnention. Use our tools, meet your goals and reap the rewards.

We want to be sure that all our advisers have the opportunity to continue to grow professionally. That is why we offer several different career paths at Cornerstone.

  • Advisers
  • Financial Service Representatives
  • Managing Directors

When you join us we give you the systems you need to succeed.

Our clients come first. We answer to them — not to any insurance company or particular plan.